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Ghost sightings have been reported in many castles and manor houses. Few old castles do not boast the shade of a jilted lover tumbling from the battlements, a ghostly White Lady, a demonic Monk who vanishes if challenged, a poltergeist, a headless phantom, a spectral coach and horses or disembodied wailing. An especially common theme is that of a victim walled up alive within the castle, whose ghost haunts the castle for centuries afterwards, until the victim's body is found and properly buried. Some stories tend to be regional - spectral pipers on the ramparts of Scottish castles or demonic Black Dogs known as Shucks in the South of England.

Stories of supernatural omens are attached to many castles and the families that own them, generally warning of a forthcoming death in the family, sometimes specifically the lord, chatelain or clan chief. The omen typically takes the form of an unusual animal such as a white deer, a white owl, or a white fox.

In Scotland over a dozen castles claim the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots. In England several castles claim royal ghosts including the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Berkeley Castle. Many of the best stories have an historical events underpinning them: often an execution or a murder, with supporting detail such as names and dates. There are also a smaller number of reported supernatural creatures that inhabit castles: fairies, banshees and goblins; giants and vampires, and elemental sprites. There are also a large number of ancient legends and curses associated with castles.

On the right you can select ghost hauntings associated with castles in particular countries, or those of a particular type (ghosts, omens, poltergeists, legends, etc). You can also select the best ghost hauntings selected by the webmaster.

These are all well-known and widely reported supernatural visitations. The webmaster (a rationalist) does not warrant the factual accuracy of any of them.

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Ardvreck Castle      Inchnadamph, Highland, Scotland
Legend, The Devil      
According to legend the Devil himself assisted in the construction of the castle

Cardoness Castle      Anwoth, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Legend, Curse      
After a curse was placed on the castle three owners went bankrupt. The forth and his family were drowned in the nearby loch when the ice cracked while they skated on it.

Dunbarre Castle      Alyth, Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Legend, Modred's House      
This castle is said to be the former base of Modred (or Mordred), the nephew of King Arthur. He was killed when the fort was overrun by Scots and Picts. Guinevere may have also been killed here, and is reportedly buried at nearby Meigle.

Dunvegan Castle      Sligachan, Isle of Skye, Highland, Scotland
Legend, Fairy Flag      
The Flag of the MacLeod's was given to them by a fairy that changed herself into a mortal and married into the family. Each time the flag is waved, it grants the MacLeods victory over a foe, but the flag can only be used three times. It has been used twice so far, in 1490 at Glendale and and in 1580 at Trumpan, both times with success.

Finavon Castle      Finavon, Angus, Scotland
Legend, Rhyme      
A local rhyme states that when the castle is reduced to dust, the world will end.

Hermitage Castle      Hawick, Borders, Scotland
Legend, Hidden Treasure      
There is a hoard of hidden treasure under the ruins of the castle, but the Devil watches over it. When people have tried to dig for the treasure, violent storms have always driven them away.

Castle of Vayne (ruins)      Fern, Angus, Scotland
Legend, Guardian Beast      
Protecting a wealth of gold and jewels, this monster remains hidden unless threatened by treasure hunters.



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