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Castelgrande - Bellinzona
Well Preserved Medieval Keep Castle in Switzerland

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Castelgrande is one of the the three castles in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

The site of the Castelgrande has been fortified since at least the late 1st Century BC and until the 13th Century it was the only fortification in Bellinzona. The walls that separate the three baileys all radiate from the 14th Century Terre Nera, which is located in the center of the castle.

To the east is a complex of buildings which were part of the old keep in the castle. In the center of the keep is the tallest tower of the Castelgrande, the Torre Bianca or White Tower, which dates from the 13th Century.



Small scale map showing the location of
Castelgrande - Bellinzona

Google map showing the location of
Castelgrande - Bellinzona

Large scale map showing
Castelgrande - Bellinzona


Unesco World Heritage Site

Unesco name of World Heritage site: Three Castles - Defensive Wall and Ramparts of the Market-Town of Bellinzona (added in 2000)

Justification for Inscription: Criterion iv The fortified ensemble of Bellinzona is an outstanding example of a late medieval defensive structure guarding a key strategic Alpine pass.

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