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Everyone loves castles and chateaux. Castles combine the romance of the age of chivalry with the fascination of medieval warfare. Along with churches they are almost the only surviving physical reminders of the Middle Ages. Here you learn everything about them including how they were built and what life was like living in them. You can learn about different types of Castle, and their dependent lands (castle demesnes), about living in a castle, and special types of castle including Crusader Castles, Cathar Castles, Children's Castles, Haunted Castles, Famous Castles and Manor Houses. You can also learn about medieval war, medieval sieges, medieval armour and how medieval warfare was affected by the Crusades. You can also learn about medieval life including medieval torture and torture devices, and also heraldry - another living vestige of the Medieval period.

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Château Comptal, Carcassonne - France, the Castle of the medieval Viscounts of Carcassonne, in the Languedoc

Medieval Life

Introduction to Life in a Medieval Castle

Rooms in a Medieval Castle / The Great Hall / Bed Chambers / Solars / Bathrooms, Lavatories and Garderobes / Kitchens, Pantries, Larders & Butteries / Gatehouses and Guardrooms / Chapels & Oratories / Cabinets and Boudoirs / Storerooms, Undercrofts & Cellars / Ice Houses / Dovecotes / Apartments

Officers & Servants in a Medieval Castle

Medieval Clothing

Medieval Food & Cooking / Food Preparation / Cereals / Fruit / Vegetables / Fish and Seafood / Meat / Dairy Products / Herbs and Spices / Puddings (Sweets and Desserts) / Food Preservation / Influence of Church Teaching / Healthy Eating / Meals and Etiquette

Medieval Drinks / Wine / Mead / Beer / Spirits

Medieval Gardens

Medieval War Training: / Tournaments / Armour / Jousts & Jousting photos / Melées

Medieval Taxes

Medieval Games & Pastimes

The Feudal System / Commendation / Desmenes / Rivers & Fishponds / Mills: Windmills and Water Mills

Château Comptal, Carcassonne - France, the Castle of the medieval Viscounts of Carcassonne, in the Languedoc

Castles by Country:


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A Medieval Knight's foot armour.
Krak des Chevaliers, a Crusader Castle and possibly the first concentric castle and arguably the best fortress ever built

Castle Architecture - Parts of a Castle

the vaulted roof at the Chayeau de Chenonceau Jousting at the Château Comptal, Carcassonne - France, the Castle of the medieval Viscounts of Carcassonne, in the Languedoc Hawk, used for Medieval falconry

Medieval Warfare

Preparations for Medieval Battle

Medieval Pitched Battles

Medieval Fortifications

Medieval Siege Warfare


Medieval Water Supplies

Medieval Supplies and Logistics

Medieval Weapons & Armour

Medieval Weapons Technology

Medieval Communications

Medieval Military Organisation


The crusades were a series of military expeditions promoted by the papacy during the Middle Ages, initially aimed at taking the Holy Land for Christendom. The concept of a crusade had been developed in the eleventh century partially as a result of organised Christian forces fighting Muslims in Sicily and Spain. The Holy Land had been in the hands of the Muslims since 638, and it was against them that the crusades were, at least nominally, directed. Expansionism along with desire for adventure, conquest and plunder seem to have been influential.

The main crusades spanned more than two centuries (1096-1300). These extended military raids were to some extent changes that had taken place outside Europe, most notably the expansion of Islam. Christian holy wars such as these bear a resemblance to the Moslem practice of the jihad, which by then had become a very successful Islamic institution. By translating the notion of a "holy warrior" into Christian terms, Medieval popes created crusaders, "knights of Christ." and new religious orders composed of fighting monks most notably the Knights Hospitaller and Knights Templar.

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Medieval Weapons and Armour

Bladed Hand Weapons: Swords: Arming Swords, Broad Swords, Falchions, Long Swords. Daggers & Knives: Anelaces, Stilettos, Poingnards, Rondels

Blunt Hand Weapons: Clubs and Maces, Morningstars. Holy Water Sprinklers, Flails, War Hammers, Horsemen's Picks

Polearms: Quarterstaves, Spears, Winged Spears, Lances, Pikes, Corseques, Fauchards, Glaives, Guisarmes, Halberds, Danish Axes, Sparths, Bardiches, Pollaxes, Mauls, Becs de Corbin

Ranged Weapons.: Franciscas, Javelins, Bows, Longbows, Crossbows, Arbalests, Guns, Hand Cannons , Arquebuses

Artillery: Pierriers - Stone throwers, Traction Trebuchets, Counterweight Trebuchets, Onagers and Mangonels, Ballistas and Springalds

Artillery Cannons, Bombards, Petards

Other Siege Weapons

Armour: Chain Mail, Plate Armour



A Medieval Castle Siege.

Castle History & Types of Castle:

International Heraldry



Shield and Lozenge


Divisions of the Field

Heraldic Ordinaries & Subordinaries

Heraldic Charges

Heraldic Blazon

Helms, Crests, Torses (Wreaths), Coronets & Mantling


Heraldic Supporters

Marshalling Arms

Differencing and Cadency

Augmentations of Honour

Development of Heraldry

National Heraldry Styles

Modern Heraldry

Heralds: Kings of Arms, heralds and Pursuviants

Attributed Coats of Arms

Abatements of Arms



Modern reproduction of a Medieval Trebuchet

Neuschwanstein built by Ludwig II of Bavaria


Click here to find out about Carcassonne

Castle Photos:


Western Europe

Belgian Castles
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Far East

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North American Castles


Click here to find out about Windsor Castle, a castle of HM the Queen of England

Famous Castles

Windsor - England

Krak des Chevaliers - Syria

The Tower of London - England

Château Comptal, Carcassonne - France

Cathar Castles - Languedoc (Map of Cathar Castles)

Castel Sant'Angelo - Italy

Neuschwanstein built by Ludwig II of Bavaria

Dracula's Castle - Transylvania

Edinburgh Castle - Scotland

Blarney Castle - Ireland

Château de Chambord - France

Urquhart Castle - Scotland

Château Gaillard - France

Trim Castle - Ireland

Castle Tours

Tours of the Cathar Castles of the Languedoc

Tours in Wales by Paul Remfry


Castle Articles - contributions from our partners

Castles For Sale In the former East Germany, by Helga van Horn and Stephen Ferrada

Castle (chateau fort) for sale in France Castles and Châteaux for Sale

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Miscellaneous Castles

Castles listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites

Royal Castles & Palaces

Film Locations - by Castle names
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Film Locations - by Film Title

Castles appearing on National Stamps

Castles in Chess

Castle Computer Games

Castle Toys and Games

Rennes le Chateau (not Rennes la Chateau)




Castle Desmesnes:

The Feudal System

The Commendation Ceremony

Royal Desmesnes

Farms & Vineyards

Rivers & Fishponds

Windmills & Watermills


Cathar Castles of the Languedoc

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Haunted Castles


Haunted - Best Ghost Hauntings

Haunted - Castle Legends

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